We are a 9 hole club, and we meet every Sunday morning from 7.30 onwards. (reserved tee times)
Bromley Golf Club have a regular group of members of varying ages and ability, our members are only too pleased to welcome new members who want to come along and join our club.
Here at Bromley golf club we are only concerned about one thing, that is enjoying a round of golf (9 holes) with a group of friends. We regularly get 20/30 members each week going out in groups of 4 on a rotational basis. 

NOT GOT A HANDICAP, not a problem just hand in 3 cards from any 3 separate Sunday events (counter signed by an existing member) and we will issue you with an official Congu recognised handicap. We review Handicaps on a monthly basis.

We are always looking to improve our numbers and would only be too pleased to welcome Adult and Junior members of any age, our only stipulation is that you want to meet with friends, enjoy a round of golf and have a good time.
So why not come along this Sunday introduce yourself to our Captain or Secretary.
Drop an email to us - secretary@bromleygolfclub.co.uk - we'd be delighted to hear from you!